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Magic(e.g. einst relativ) Smart(by title, + & partial name allowed) Author(partial name allowed)

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Oh the Supreme Father! Oh the Source of the Universe! Oh the Father of the World, our Strength and Support! Oh compassionate Lord, Gracious to all! Oh the incomparable teacher outside of any tradition! Oh the Supreme Lord! Gracefully send down to us The gift of right thinking, So we can serve humanity And make this world a paradise.

Dhirendra Brahmachari



You are in Library Genesis 925konline library.

Browsing and searching the library resource

You have 4 great ways to find what you are looking for:

  • You can browse the library using category bar from the left side of the screen
  • You can use magic search. Use any lexems you guess to concern the target separated by single space - e.g. 'differ equat solut delay'
  • You can use smart search. Use any parts of the title, separated by plus sign - e.g. 'differ+equat+solut'
  • You can use author search. Use substring of the author's name you guess included to the author field - e.g. 'herbert wells' or 'wells herbert' or 'wells, herbert'
  • You obtain the list of resorces using the Dig for button. To see more detailed information about the resource, click on its name. In the opened resource use Get! button.

    Project support

    Our library welcomes your help.If you would like to support the project, this can be done . Friends, support the project!

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